Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The day the the gas-chamber myth died

This is Fred Leuchter. 

Fred Leuchter was the specialist in designing U.S. execution facilities who was called on, in the mid-eighties,  by Ernst Zundel's defense team to examine the 'gas-chambers' at Auschwitz. Leuchter duly obliged and published his findings in the "Leuchter Report". Flawed but essentially truthful, its findings were later confirmed by Germar Rudolf and, I believe, by the Auschwitz Museum authorities themselves.

For revisionists, the day Leuchter's findings were presented to the Toronto court was the day the myth of the homicidal gas-chambers was finally laid to rest.


  1. I'm not so sure about Leuchter. One would have to debunk this documentary,
    which might not be so easy to do. As you know, I seriously doubt the gas chamber story, but I don't think that relying on Leuchter's work needs to be part of the argument.

    I find Anthony Lawson's 'Holocaust, Hate Speech & Were the Germans so Stupid?'
    far more convincing.

  2. would that it were so...i wonder where and how he is doing now...he was blackballed and treated as a fiend or a fool by main streamers - what a surprise - and treated as a bigger nut case by a documentary which actually, if watched critically and without religious belief systems taking over - was very revealing...even the lab that submitted results of his samples called him a wacko and a representative - very uncomfortable as i recall - said they never would have run the tests at all if they'd known it was about the holy resurrection -ooops -holocaust...disgraceful but worse was the way the man was treated, for a short time heroically by the revisionist ( and often neo-nazi, anticommie ) community but soon without work when holocaust inc. took over...very very you have any idea where and how he is?

  3. and of course YT pulls the video to prevent any truth leaking out and ruining the purity of the jewish universe of lies

  4. Dear Paul,

    Like you, I too have questioned the facts surrounding the holocaust, more importantly the gas chambers and that history paints the Germans to be monsters, yet continually ignores the atrocities committed in Russia under Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin.

    I wondered if you'd come across this:

    It's a dismissal of Leuchter's findings. What do you think?