Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Some of My Best Friends are Zionists

This beautifully made clip gave me lots to think about.

Many people will say that it's just more of the same - well-spoken Jews just "wishing Israel wouldn't behave quite so badly and stop embarrassing them in front of their friends."

I'm not so sure. These people seem really sincere and many could well move on to rejecting the whole notion of a Jewish state.

But what they won't do is to relinquish the notion of Jewish special suffering and, most particularly, the Holocaust

Take ten Jews today, maybe three will worship God, perhaps nine will worship the state of Israel, nine-point-five may worship "The Jewish People" but nine-point nine-nine-nine recurring will worship Jewish suffering and the Holocaust.  ................
. And if you don’t believe it, try this - go find the most educated, secular, progressive, enlightened, perceptive, sensitive Jew you know - deny the Holocaust and then stand back.                                     
                                                   The War for the Spirit