Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pure Propaganda - I Love It!

Some years ago I attended the Socialist Workers Party 'Summer School' which takes place annually in London.

I was really impressed - with their scholarship, their organisation and their commitment - impressed that is, right up till the very last day.

On that last day they held a rally in Friends Meeting House. It was okay - the 'Politburo' on the stage, the usual tedious speakers - much like the average PSC event. When suddenly (I think my attention must have wandered for a moment), the whole lot of them leaped to their feet and yelled in unison: 

"The workers united will never be defeated!
The workers united will never be defeated!"

That was it. I left, never to return.

Similarly, if I'd lived in National Socialist Germany I'd have hated it for the same reason that l left that rally - I just cannot abide the marching masses and I cannot bear being told what to think.

So why do I find this clip so compelling? And why, for that matter, do I find so much of Zionist political theatrics (They're very similar - in fact, since Zionism predates National Socialism it may well be that the Zionists were Hitler and Goebbel's inspiration) equally engaging?

I suppose it's just one of those many contradictions that make life worth living.