Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pure Propaganda - I Love It!

Some years ago I attended the Socialist Workers Party 'Summer School' which takes place annually in London.

I was really impressed - with their scholarship, their organisation and their commitment - impressed that is, right up till the very last day.

On that last day they held a rally in Friends Meeting House. It was okay - the 'Politburo' on the stage, the usual tedious speakers - much like the average PSC event. When suddenly (I think my attention must have wandered for a moment), the whole lot of them leaped to their feet and yelled in unison: 

"The workers united will never be defeated!
The workers united will never be defeated!"

That was it. I left, never to return.

Similarly, if I'd lived in National Socialist Germany I'd have hated it for the same reason that l left that rally - I just cannot abide the marching masses and I cannot bear being told what to think.

So why do I find this clip so compelling? And why, for that matter, do I find so much of Zionist political theatrics (They're very similar - in fact, since Zionism predates National Socialism it may well be that the Zionists were Hitler and Goebbel's inspiration) equally engaging?

I suppose it's just one of those many contradictions that make life worth living.

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  1. own most memorable moment of similar discomfort - there have been so many over the years - was at the democratic convention of 1988 when the jesse jackson delegation began chanting " keep hope alive" was a sweet and noble sentiment, of course, but the repeated, college football cheering section quality of the group experience stripped it of all its meaning and reduced it to the action of a manipulated mob, however well motivated and may be that there is a strength and solidarity in moments when a crowd can come together, especially chanting something opposite to "kill them" sentiments, but there is also a loss of individuality that is not nearly as positive as when cooperating in a group to do something really positive and not just cheer, chant or pray out loud that such positive outcomes may follow the heartfelt cheering or praying...