Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hitler's War - What the Historians Neglect to Mention

History is written by the victors so this revisionist narrative of the Second World War is very different from what I was taught in school.

As always, I'm no historian, so I can't with any certainty, vouch for the absolute historical accuracy of this or any text. But in any event, it's a point of view that should be heard.

It begins with a short sequence of Angela Merkel opening the seventieth-year commemoration of the start of the war. As a Jew (dread phrase), and therefore a member of the oppressing tribe, I don’t comment on the doings of our victims whether that is the Palestinians and their leaders or, as in this case, the Germans. But I hope German readers and others will have plenty to say.


  1. While that was happening, there were people in Britain and America who opposed the war propaganda, who were vilified. There was a derisive reference in Britain to the "Cliveden Set". In the US, even today, one cannot get a biography published about Henry Ford, Charles A. Lindbergh, Rev. Charles Coughlin, Harry Elmer Barnes, Joseph P. Kennedy, or Benjamin H. Freedman, except that the person be defined up front as an anti-semite.

    More relevant today are the terminated careers of Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal, Senator Charles Percy, Paul Findley, Bobbie Ray Inman, Charles W. Freeman Jr., and, now apparently, Senator Charles (Chuck) Hagel.

  2. Hello Paul,

    Thank you for circulating this. It is a brilliant expose not only of how propaganda works, and should be a warning to anyone who cares about what is going on in OUR worlds, at this very moment.

    Anthony Lawson