Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Babystuff activism

This piece which accuses Mary Rizzo of being a Zionist is from someone called Mark Ritchie.

I don't know Mark but he seems to be a pretty dedicated pro-Palestinian activist.

I used to 'know' Mary Rizzo but only as one does in these digital times. I know I used to irritate her with self-obsessed meanderings and she certainly irritated me with her frenzied internet existence.

But she's not a Zionist and, like the Marxist Jews who label anyone they don't like a fascist, this calling anyone who disagrees with you a Zionist, just gets on my nerves. It's just babystuff and does no-one any favours

Subject: Zionists and 'their' media Mary Rizzo, another example

The zionist media agents are many things, but stupid isn't one of them.

Here's another example, from old Italia. Mary Rizzo, whom I never suspected of being a zionist since, after all, she lives in mother was Italian...but who turns out to be an Anerican Jew who of course, actively dislikes Italian culture...

Ms. Rizzo posed for a time as a 'pwog' anti-zionist even published Palestine Think Tank. She cultivated one sneaky pseudo-Arab, Haitham Sabbah, as a "Palestinian' front for this blog. Not surprisingly, Sabbah is a friend of, guess who..Steve Mashney!

The zionist cabal really is tightly knit.

I had a disagreement with a zionist in the comments section of Palestine Think Tank. When I e mailed Rizzo to thank her for allowing me to disagree with the informal zionist media cabal (Code Fink, MECA, ANSWER, IJAN, etc. etc.) on Palestine Think Tank, she sharply retorted, " I only let you talk because it was on a thread that nobody reads..''

She let several cats out of the bag with that statement (I bet she regrets it), since she took off her disguise and showed herself as a zionist media maven..and showed she has no respect for anyone's opinion who doesn't conform to the zionists' dictates....

Fortunately, Rizzo has been exposed as a zionist well enough that she terminated Palestine Think Tank. I believe she iss till bloogging and slandering anyone that does't accept zionist leadership in the 'movement',, but she no longer poses as a 'Palestinian' voice.

The zionists always try to use a 'Palestinian' false front, as Rizzo did with this blog, and only tolerate dissent when they know it's not being read...otherwise, they exclude anyone not zionist-controlled, and slander them to boot. I know she's been regularly attacking Ken O'Keefe, for example, on her new blog 'We Write What We Like..'