Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Are you there, Howard?

This is Howard Jacobson in 2007. I don't like his books much - but he clearly is an extremely  intelligent man and an excellent speaker and advocate.

I also agree with quite a bit of what he says. Like him, I dislike boycotts - even of Israel - but unlike him, I do see Israel and an unchecked and abusive Jewish power as a very particular and dangerous evil.

Ah well , we'll just have to agree to differ.

What I would like to know (and I have an open mind as to what his answer might be) is this: Does he apply the same principles of respectful listening to Holocaust revisionists as he does to Israeli academics? 

If you're there, Howard, do send in your answer.



  2. I enjoyed reading Jacobson's 'The Finkler Question' and agree that he's a talented man. The first part of his talk was music to my ears. I also hate the certainty from which much activism springs. But when he came to defending Israel and using the dreaded 'antisemitism' accusation I felt much less comfortable. The missing element in his thinking, as you indicate Paul, is Jewish power.