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Paul Eisen

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The Massacre of the Children of America by Michael Hoffmann

This is by Michael Hoffmann, a conservative Christian.

I don't share Michael's faith nor all of his opinions (especially his support for capital punishment) but his is a voice which must be heard.

On December 14, like Herod of old, a killer of children descended upon our land, at a school in Connecticut, where he proceeded to butcher our future, in the form of twenty American youngsters.

The massacre in Aurora, Colorado last summer, and now the Christmas season shootings in Oregon and Connecticut, testify that our nation has lost its way: usury, aborting innocent infants, and foreign wars on civilian populations, are the new normal.

We ought to slow down now, in the midst of the Connecticut carnage, and reflect on our money-mad spirit of acquisition, our indifference to the crimes our government perpetrates overseas with our tax dollars, the mockery of marriage represented by homosexual nuptials, our indifference to the slaughter of unborn children amid our nation's staggering level of abortion; and the filth on commercial television which is broadcast to millions of children.

In all these ways and more, America attacks children, just as surely at they were attacked today in Connecticut. We must change our ways, repent of our sins and seek God's will.

Furthermore, let us not hear about the "need for gun control." Gun control is a contributing factor in these massacres. The police SWAT teams almost always arrive too late to stop a rampage. The cowardly perpetrator(s) murders the defenseless in part because he surmises that teachers, and clerical and jantorial staff, are unarmed. One or more armed teachers or janitors might have saved the lives of several of the children in Connecticut today. Almost any honest cop will tell you they can't protect you, they can only try to apprehend the perps after the crime has been committed. An armed citizenry is necessary for the protection of the innocent from the rising tide of Satanic violence in our society.

While most of the perpetrators of massacres are suicides, lately more have chosen to survive, and some even don bullet proof vests and other types of body armor. With the near abolition of the death penalty in the United States, they can survive for decades in prison as media celebrities. Two perpetrators of a school massacre in 1998 in Arkansas have either been released from prison or are due to be released because they were age 10 and 13 at the time they murdered four girls and a teacher. Perpetrators who survive a massacre should be fairly tried, and after conviction and a two or three year (not 20 or 30 year) appeal process, publicly hanged. This is certainly not contrary to Christian mercy and compassion, as the recent popes of Rome have been teaching. Repentant killers can save their eternal souls while awaiting excution, but God requires the death of killers here on earth.

We have fled from God's Law in our prideful estimation of our own brain power and intoxication with scientism. Millions of Americans believe science has replaced the Bible. From this apostasy a spirit of lawlessness inevitably results. God's law on debt has also been abandoned -- on no other basis than situation ethics fueled by the love of money -- which is the root of all of the evil that confronts us.

Our prayers are with the innocent victims this day in Connecticut, and their loved ones, as well as the innocent victims every day of the year who are killed in American abortion clinics, with no one to mourn for them except the God who proclaimed, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you" (Jeremiah 1:5).

Are you listening, America?

Hoffman is the author of Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not

Timeline of U.S. Massacres

Compiled by Michael Hoffman

Compiler's note: All of the deaths listed are homicides, except in the case of a casualty statistic compiled by the media that groups a perpetrator who allegedly committed suicide, with the victims. Almost all of the deaths are by gunfire. I do not claim that this list is exhaustive. In almost all cases I have only listed as a "massacre" multiple deaths that occurred within a 24 hour period.
1966: Fifteen people are shot to death on the campus of the University of Texas at Austin.

1966: In Chicago, Illinois, nine nurses are massacred.

1982: Eight workers are shot by a co-worker at a Florida machine shop.

1984: Twenty-one patrons of a McDonald's restaurant are killed in California.

1986: Fourteen postal employees are killed by a co-worker in Oklahoma.

1990: Nine people are killed at a GMAC loan office in Florida by a co-worker.

1991: In Michigan five people are killed.

1991: 23 people are killed in Luby's Cafeteria in Texas.

1993: 8 people killed in the San Francisco, California financial district.

1993: Six people killed on a Long Island, New York commuter train.

1997: Three students killed by a fellow student at a high school in Kentucky

1998: Five people killed (four girls and a teacher) at an Arkansas Middle School (the killers were two children, age 13 and 10).

1999: Coumbine High School, Colorado: 13 people killed by two students.

1999: Nine people killed in the financial district in Atlanta, Georgia

1999: Seven people killed at a church in Texas.

2000: Seven people killed Dec. 26 at an Internet company in Massachusetts.

2001: 2 students killed and 13 wounded by fellow student in California

2003: Five killed at a Mississippi aircraft plant by a co-worker.

2005: Five students and two others killed by another student in Minnesota.

2006: Five Amish children killed at their Pennsylvania school by a truck driver.

2007: Five killed at a shopping mall in Utah. An off-duty policeman exchanges gunfire with the perpetrator, preventing more killings.

2007: 32 students killed at Virginia Tech by a fellow student.

2007: Dec. 5 - eight people killed at a Nebraska shopping mall.

2008: Five people killed at Northern Illinois University.

2009: Ten people killed in Alabama.

2009: Thirteen people killed in a Binghamton, New York immigration center.

2010: In Manchester, Connecticut a co-worker kills eight people.

2011: Six people killed in Tucson, Arizona; among the eleven who are wounded, U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is shot in the head but survives.

2011: Eight people killed at a beauty salon in California.

2012: A former student kills seven students at Oikos University in California.

2012: 12 people killed at a "Batman" movie in Aurora, Colorado.

2012: Six people killed at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin.

2012: Five people killed in Minnesota by a co-worker.

2012: Three people killed at a beauty salon in Wisconsin.

2012: Dec. 11 - two people killed at an Oregon shopping mall.

2012: Dec. 14 - 27 people killed at a Connecticut grammar school, including twenty children.

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  1. if those children had been armed they could have killed their assailant...

    if their teachers had been armed they could have killed him...
    if parents were armed they could kill idiot children before the children go mad and murder others...
    if children were armed they could kill idiot parents who supported arming children...
    if right wing lunatics and left wing idiots were armed...oh never mind...