Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The German Joan of Arc

This is Sylvia Stolz who has been called "The German Joan of Arc". A bit flamboyant perhaps? Well maybe, but in a world of time-servers and yes-folk perhaps it's not too far off the mark.

A lawyer by trade, Sylvia Stolz defended Ernst Zundel at his trial in 2005. Never an easy thing to do, Ms Stolz's efforts were further hampered by the ingenious, and peculiarly modern-German device of making the offering of a proper defence itself a crime.  Thus, if an attorney argues the truth of a Holocaust denier's words, they themselves become guilty of denying the Holocaust.

So Sylvia Stolz fell foul of German law and herself served a term of imprisonment.

Here we see her just before her imprisonment speaking about law and justice, for and in  Germany, past and present.

Sylvia Stolz's parting words to the judge were "Das hat mit Recht nicht mehr zu tun und wir werden uns diesem Unrecht nicht beugen!"  (This has nothing to do with justice and we will not yield to this injustice!)

It hasn't and she didn't

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