Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Camera Never Lies #2

This was sent by a reader who, in response to The Camera Never Lies (But people do),  writes: "Lying and applying sinister interpretations to innocuous photographs is nothing new for them. And to the best of my knowledge, no apologies are ever made for their lies. Here they were caught"

It concerns one Professor Eberhard Jäckel, head of the history department at Stuttgart University, and Leah Rosh a German TV Executive produced one of the most glaring forgeries ever shown on German television screens.
For Part Three of their television documentary Der Tod, ein Meister aus Deutschland (broadcast on May 2, 1990) Jäckel and Rosh showed this photograph, while the commentator spoke these words: "Meanwhile, in 1941 tens of thousands of Jews are rounded up aboard cattletrucks in Romania and shipped to the gas chambers in Auschwitz." The women carrying shopping bags, and the double-decker train to the left, were painted out.


The photograph actually comes from Hamburg railroad station archives in northern Germany. Taken in 1946, a year after the war ended, it shows hungry German civilians packed like sardines aboard coal trains on a shopping expedition to the Ruhr. A print was on display for many years in the Intercity Restaurant at Hamburg station, which may be where the forgers spotted it. The archive stamp on the back of the photograph says:
Hi.20/11Ort: Hamburg Hbf
Baujahr... Aufn.Jahr: 1946
BTW, for an excellent example of cameras that lie, go to The Lethal Liberation  of Bergen-Belsen

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