Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Archetypal American Jew

This is Barbara Streisand urging American women to vote for Barack Obama. Ancient history now of course, so why post it? 

I posted it because the clip is a great peek at the archetypal American Jew enunciating the archetypal American Jewish agenda.

They're all here, all the old favourites: Women's rights, human rights (except for Palestinians), abortion (termed rather coyly here as 'planned parenthood' and 'a woman's right to choose'), 'social and economic justice' (for this multi-millionairess?), state medical care - for 'them' (she certainly doesn't need it), lesbian and gay 'rights' and on and on and on.

"Mitt Romney does not share our values" says Ms Streisand, but whose values are 'our' values?

I happen to rather support a lot of those things (except for abortion which I've never much liked) it's just that when a rich Jew like Barbara Streisand is asking for them, you've got to start wondering why.