Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Monday, 10 December 2012

On the first day of Hannukah my Jew love gave to me....

I case you didn't know, we've just begun the Jewish festival of Hannukah. It's the usual Jewish  how-hard-done-by-we-were(are)-and-how-we-got-our-own-back-in-the-end.

Still, if you can forget its provenance, the candles are very beautiful and, being a time of eating, singing and present-giving, it's a great time in a Jewish household and one that I remember with great fondness.

So what's the problem? It doesn't hurt anyone and, as I've said before, if Jews want to feel this, that or the other - that's fine - so long as they don't try to get every one else to feel the same.

Unfortunately they do, because every year in Washington D.C., a Hanukkah menorah is lit on the White House grounds and God help any President who doesn't attend - and look like they're lovin' it.
And, if this hijacking of American national life were not bad enough, the self-same folk who have been so busy arranging this event have been just as busy making sure that no American Christian can ever get to enjoy his or her own religious festivals. For more on this, see Trashing Christmas.

And if you really want to get into the holiday mood, check out this video. It's the Maccabeats (Maccabees gedddittt!) working their own Hannukah magic.

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  1. Yes, last night I went out and passed by a big crowd listening to a chorus sing songs. I assumed it was for Christmas, but sure enough I saw a big menorah and a man standing in front of me wearing a yarmulke. A few hours ago while in a coffee shop somebody was complaining about the celebration of Christmas which bothers him.

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