Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Monday, 31 December 2012

Oh, how I wish I could stop posting David Duke

Oh, how I wish I could stop posting David Duke (it gets me into no end of trouble).

Trouble is, he just will not stop telling the truth.

Come on David, give a Jew a break!


  1. For what it's worth, I am another Jew who links to David Duke. I think that he emerged from a romantic, chivalric Ashley Wilkes ‘Gone With The Wind’ mind set into a realization of who the real enemy was and is. He still sees himself as defending the White Christian ‘race,’ still unable to universalize his view – much like many Palestinians, understandably - but as you say, his work is otherwise right on the mark.

    Roger Tucker
    One Democratic State

  2. The Austrian Simon Wiesenthal lived his whole life in Austria, but when he died he was moved to Israel and buried there. Wiesenthal was exposed as a liar long ago I recently learned (from a post on this blog), but only more recently have the mainstream press claimed to have "discovered" his lies.

    Austrians and Germans knew he was living in Vienna and they knew about the propaganda and hatred he was spreading. Why did they not deport this traitor? They must have known that like Ehrenburg, he requested he be buried in Israel, a foreign country. That's only further proof of what country he was loyal to. Is is the duty of Christian countries to allow traitors to live there, enjoy the good life that Austria offered while hating the very people he lives amongst and then has himself buried in Israel? This is just another insult heaped on the Austrian (German) people. He should have been expelled for inciting racial hatred (these are the people guilty of this) and for being a traitor.

  3. Keep on posting him, Paul.

  4. Mr. Tucker,I have heard of your website. Have not visited but will. I don't quite understand what you mean that David Duke has not been able to universalize his views. I think he is speaking to people across the globe,wishes to anyway. Yes,and thanks Mr. Eisen. You are one of the courages. I wish you and yours a very good new year.

  5. I might have posted this question before, but apparently haven't absorbed the answer: Duke shows photos of piles of corpses in this video and says the Red Army did this and that.

    Zionist Jews show photos of piles of corpses in their videos as say the Nazis did this and that.

    Why believe one and not the other?

    1. The piles of corpses from the Red Army show that the victims were either shot or tortured to death.
      The videos depicting the supposed 'holocaust' murders were supposedly Jews and mostly due to gassings. But not one autopsy has ever been performed. Zyklon B crystals must obtain a temperature of 28 C degrees to turn to gas. This is then a cyanide gas which is lighter than air and thus floats (out any roof vents). A human body that is gassed with this would then turn cherry red which will remain.
      Not one body in any of the photos shows any patches of stain which would be
      cherry red.
      Those pictures are definitely pictures of dead people but there is no way of knowing who they were. Some suspect they were in fact bodies from the Rheinwiesen Lager in Germany. Plenty of people in that area knew starved to death German soldiers were taken away every night. No one knows where they were transported to nor where their graves are. Rheinwiesen Lager can not be built upon to this day and no explanation has ever been given.