Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Jews against this, Jews against that...

Who could argue against these folk? They so obviously mean well and they do a good job. So what's the problem?

Well as evidenced by the clip itself, there is no problem.

But what happens when someone questions the Holocaust, or speaks about the post WW2 injustices done to Germans, or supports the right of Palestinians to identify the American and European Jewish leaderships (and all the Jews who support them) as an enemy, or wants to protest outside a synagogue in which Zionism is preached from the pulpit, or asks difficult questions about the real meaning of Jews-only activism.

How then would these good folk respond then? Perhaps it doesn't matter? You decide.

(See the afterword by Henry Herskovitz)

I think this video short starts where it ends up: with the young Hebrew speaking fellow calling for a "one-person, one vote equal system"

I attended a New York JATO meeting (it lasted a weekend) in 2004, and rather embarrassed the young crowd by suggesting that our synagogue vigils (by then a year-and-a-half old) should be expanded to include the many synagogues in Brooklyn. The idea was shelved in a heartbeat, how could I hold ordinary Jews accountable?

Now it's unfair to judge the Aussie-JATO folks with a memory of he NY-JATO folk, but nothing I saw in this video - other than the young man's final squeak of a call - convinces me that these Jews want anything more than to look good in their 15 minutes of fame.

Do they demand immediate Right of Return for Palestinians?

Do they question the legitimacy of a Jewish state?

Do they critically analyses the parts that Jews have played in creating and maintaining a Jewish state?

Do they discuss Jewish Supremacism? True they bring up South African analogies, but they know better than to use the phrase "White supremacism", lest some ne'er do well like myself bring up its counterpart in Palestine?

Are they demanding the "Liberation" of Palestine?

At one time, my heart might have swelled for these "brave" Jews speaking their mind. But that was before I found the sunglasses. [Ref: They Live (movie)]

Now, when Jews talk about the Holocaust - but only enough talk to give the whiff of some unexplained unexplained horror - I want them to ask themselves why they were feared and hated by a country which initiated a program of ethnic cleansing.

These "brave" Jews should stop hiding behind a mythical "occupation" and get a pair of sunglasses."