Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Australian man's Holocaust story labelled a ‘lie’ - From the Jewish Chronicle

Yet another possible Holocaust fraud. But this one comes from the Jewish Chronicle which makes me wonder whether, when the Holocaust narrative is exposed, will it be done essentially by Jews? And is this because they are the only people with the built-in protection to do such a thing? And will it be just one more extension of Jewish power?
Australian man's Holocaust story labelled a ‘lie’
By Dan Goldberg, September 27, 2012
Alex Kurzem: "I'm a million percent sure I'm Jewish. It was a curse. Now it's big evidence."
Pressure is mounting on an Australian man to prove that his remarkable Holocaust survival story is true.

Alex Kurzem’s story has been told in a bestselling book and an award-winning documentary — both titled The Mascot — but it was the feature that was screened on America’s 60 Minutes in 2009 that roused the suspicions of Dr Barry Resnick, a Californian college professor who lost relatives in the Holocaust.

Uldis (Alex) Kurzem claimed he witnessed the massacre of his Jewish mother, sister and brother in the Belorussian village of Koidanov as a five-year-old boy in 1941. He also claimed he was later adopted by a Latvian guard who took pity on him, gave him a new name (Uldis Kurzemnieks) and made him his battalion’s mascot. Dressed in SS regalia, he was feted in a Nazi propaganda film as “the Reich’s youngest Nazi”.

The Mascot received critical acclaim. But not everyone was impressed. “After watching the broadcast and reading the book, I had serious doubts,” Dr Resnick said. “One historian told me there is nothing unusual about Kurzem’s story of being a mascot for a military unit. However, when he claims to be Jewish and was picked up by the Nazis, it then becomes a blockbuster of a story.”

Photo from Mascot, purporedly showing Kurzem as a boy
Photo from Mascot, purporedly showing Kurzem as a boy
Dr Resnick has been working for the past three years with DNA specialist Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick, who was involved in uncovering two Holocaust fraud stories — Surviving with Wolves by Misha Defonseca and Angel at the Fence by Herman Rosenblat.

Mr Kurzem, who immigrated in 1949 and lives in Melbourne, believes he was born Ilya Galperin, the son of Solomon Galperin, who was taken to Auschwitz but survived, remarried and had another son, Erik.

The American scholars believe the only way to conclusively prove this is for Mr Kurzem and Mr Galperin to take a DNA test.

But Mr Kurzem, who stands by his story, said: “They call me a liar, a fake. Would you co-operate with people like that? If she [Fitzpatrick] had asked in a nice way… I would’ve done it.” Nevertheless, he said he would take the test to “shut them up”. “I will prove them wrong,” he said.

Mr Kurzem’s story is also under investigation by the Claims Conference, executive vice president Greg Schneider confirmed. “No proof of fraud has been found and, as such, we have not withheld any payments,” Mr Schneider wrote in an email.

In addition, survivors at the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne are dubious about some of his claims.

Phillip Maisel, who has recorded some 2000 testimonies, did not believe the entire story when he first interviewed Mr Kurzem in 1996.

He disputed that the massacre of Koidanov took two days. “It was done in one afternoon and this is confirmed in a Yizkor book of Koidanov containing letters to relatives from the few who survived,” Mr Maisel said.

“They’re accusing me and sentencing me,” Mr Kurzem said. “I’m a million per cent sure I am Jewish. I wish I wasn’t when I was a little boy. It was a curse. Now it’s big evidence,” he said.

But Dr Resnick added. “Even if Mr Kurzem is Jewish did he witness the massacre of his family? Is he Ilya Galperin? A DNA test is the only way to prove this story.”


  1. The holohoax is one of the biggest lies of the last century, but it's also one of the best ideas!

  2. I don;'t believe it anyway.

    Anyway, jews pretend that they wre the only ones there, as if they ware more important and suffered more than any other people there.

    Netiher do I believe there was a girl that lived with wolves or another that swallowed diamonds over and over.

    The Military leaders of that time, the Allies, neither Eisenhower nor Churchill,who wrote texts about the War, ever mentioned any "holocaust." And those two men HATED the Germans:

    In this way, it' seen, the jews were never abused because there were photos of the camps after, and they showed jewish women holding their babies while in camp, and photos of jew children and adults smiling and in very good health, some, even plump.

    There was NO jew "holocaust.." there were prison camps, yes, but NO widespread slaughter of jews....there is , "shoah" business, though.

    A constant whining and moaning, wearing the coap of victimhood, in order to bleaed the non-jews, in evry way, from money to pity to undeserved advantages over the non-jews.

    Peole, do yur reserch, don't just sit there and accept the history you're being taught. Prove there was a "holocaust!" Go out in the Field, ans show us. The rabbi doing a tour of jews -killed and buried,- showing the grounds and talking to the extremelly impressed, gullible - doesn't count. Such things don't count. TALK IS CHEAP One has to ACTUALLY go in and dirty their hands. the digging or the radar work.

    jews simply want to believe that their people were deliberately killed, while all kinds of documents and witnessed indicating otherwisde are staring them in the face.

    If I were a jew and I had the solid, black and white evidence that there was NO "holocaust"- I would be overjoyed! And then I would invite friends and family to celebrate with champagne and chopped liver on matzo or bagel chips!

  3. The only reason the Jewish press doubts this "THE Holocaust" story (it may well be true for all we know) is that it has parts in it which portray NAZIs in a light that is not totally bad, i.e., they helped a Jewish boy. What the Jewish apparatchiks and their gentile lapdogs doubt about this story is that a NAZI could have been kind to or taken pity upon a Jew. Take that element out, and no one would question this story.

  4. I agree with Old Ez. Every now and then the criminal jew mafia must throw us gentiles a few bones to have the dumb ones believe that they aren't so bad after all. The ENTIRE holy hoax is a scam and the people that follow that religion are all stupid or complicit.

  5. Whatever, there were 6,000 million gassed-not one less, maybe a few more!