Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Response to my 2005 Essay "Jewish Power"

I just saw this response to my 2005 essay Jewish Power.

I don't know who wrote it and, on enquiring, was told that the author prefers to remain anonymous.

I'm sure there's lots of facts and truthful things in it, but this kind of thing has never made much sense to me. For me, the experience has been much more nuanced than this would suggest.

Response to Paul Eisen's Article on "Jewish Power"

The attached article is too long, rambling and comes to few useful conclusions. As such it adds no useful insights and logical reasoning to the Jewish question. The reason for this is far simpler than Mr. Eisen cares to admit. Mr. Eisen credits the Jews with ethical and fair accomplishments which are simply not true and fails to expose a few hideous atrocities perpetrated by Jews on non-Jews that dwarf all other crimes against humanity in all of recorded human history. Mr. Eisen is not alone. There are few writers or historians who dare speak or write the truth in this regards out of fears of vicious career-ending reprisals from wealthy and powerful Jewish organizations of intimidation, including the ADL, AIPAC, ACLU and the World Jewish Congress, among others.
Who are the Jews?
Fundamentally, one must go to the worldview of the Jewish people to effectively and truthfully answer this question. It is not a question that those who identify themselves as Jews wish to see answered truthfully. And the reason for this is quite simple. The Jewish worldview is shaped and defined by its religious holy books: the Talmud and the Kabbalah. Few non-Jews know of the existence of these writings, much less their contents and the reason for this is simple: the Jews do everything possible to maintain the ignorance of non-Jews of these teachings. These teachings remain written in Hebrew, which few non-Jews are able to read or understand. They are also tightly controlled and kept under the care of the rabbis in the Jewish synagogues and the rabbis become the gatekeepers to these religious writings.
The Talmud is Judaism’s high holy book, containing the writings and teachings of Jewish rabbis from the Babylonian exile starting in 586 B.C. to around 1030 A.D. They claim to contain the interpretations of the Old Testament or the Torah, by highly respected and wise rabbis throughout this period of history and the rabbis of today teach that these rabbinical teachings should be regarded with greater authority than the Word of God of the Old Testament itself. Few Jews have a clue what the Scripture of the Old Testament say or teach; they rely on what their rabbis tell them and their rabbis deceive them. For Biblical Christians who adhere 100% to the teachings of the Bible, both old and New Testaments, as being the inspired words of God to man, precisely as the Bible claims it to be, this alone is blatant blasphemy and heresy, elevating the words of man above the inspired words of God Himself. But it gets worse: much worse. Dr. Martin Luther, in his book, “The Jews and Their Lies,” published in 1547 in Germany and translated into English in 2004 and Rev. I.B. Pranaitis’ book, “The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians,” published in Russian in 1892 and translated into English in 1905 both explain that the Talmud contains numerous hateful teachings which describe the most racist, bigoted and arrogant set of teachings of any major world religion. Here is a summary and sampling of some of the most deeply troubling claims made in the Talmud that should gravely offend and concern virtually all non-Jews on the planet:
  • Mary, the mother of Jesus was a whore and Jesus her bastard son, was conceived in fornication or adultery
  • Jesus sits in hell today in a boiling vat of human excrement and semen
  • All non-Jews are referred to by Jews with disdain and derision as goyim or cattle who exist merely to be used and abused by Jews at their pleasure
  • It is perfectly acceptable to take advantage of, defraud and steal from a non-Jew, since all non-Jews are all going to hell anyway
  • It is entirely acceptable to kill a non-Jew and Christians, in particular, are singled out for special persecution from Jews
  • The Jews secretly worship money and the bearer of light, aka Lucifer, aka Satan or the devil
  • The Jews believe they are God’s Chosen People according to the promises made to Abraham, in spite of the fact that those promises were conditional upon the Hebrew tribes’ continued obedience to follow God’s laws, which the nation of Israel repeatedly and flagrantly flaunted and disobeyed
  • The Jews believe that God has created them special, elite and superior to rule over the rest of stupid humanity with an iron fist, which accounts for the Jewish people’s reputation for blind arrogance and haughtiness toward all non-Jews (which endears them to no one)

The Kabbalah, the other Jewish high holy book of writings, forms the foundation for all modern day forms of the occult, witchcraft, eastern mysticism, the New Age movement and Satan worship and is a compilation of “arcane wisdom of the sages” derived from the ancient mystery religion of Babylon, which serves as the foundation for eastern forms of mysticism including Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.
Thus, while most westerners have been deceived into believing that Jews and Christians are close religious cousins, reinforced by the oxymoron term “Judeo-Christian values,” nothing could be further from the truth. In point of fact, Judaism is as anti-Christ and anti-Christian as it gets.
These two sets of writings of Judaism form the foundation for all rabbinical teachings to Jews in secret in their synagogues which forms the basis for the Jewish worldview which is the core by which Jews identify themselves as members of this people group.
Jews further claim that they are the true genetic descendants of the 12 Hebrew tribes of Israel. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of the roughly 18 million Jews on the planet today (roughly 6 million living in America, 6 million in Israel and the rest scattered around the world), 90% of them identify themselves as Ashkenazi Jews (the other group being Sephardic Jews). Ashkenazi Jews are descended from the ancient Turko-Mongolian nation of Khazaria (located in central Asia in what is today Georgia) whose king and nobility converted to Judaism for reasons of political expediency, in 740 A.D. As the Mongolian hoards and Genghis Khan advanced across the Asian steppes, the Khazarians were driven westward into the nations of what became Eastern Europe, where they chose to live apart from their host countries in separate ghetto communities. These people consistently failed to integrate and assimilate into their host countries and it is clear why: they viewed themselves as superior to their host countries and chose to live apart from them. Sephardic Jews are descendants of Jews who migrated to Spain and surrounding countries from the time of the Exodus onward, but especially after the diaspora after the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Roman General Titus and the Jews there were sent into exile throughout the rest of the Roman Empire, as punishment for their rebellion against their Roman occupiers. This group of Jews had significantly intermarried with their arch-enemies the Canaanites, who infiltrated and corrupted the teachings of the Levitical priesthood, after the return of the 40,000 Hebrews from Babylon under Nehemiah. Thus neither Ashkenazi or Sephardic Jews can claim anything but mixed blood and almost no Semitic blood, indicating decent from Shem, the son of Noah, whose family line led to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the 12 Hebrew tribes of Israel. Thus the label anti-Semitic is completely meaningless as it is misapplied to anyone having the temerity to suggest that the Jews are anything but paragons of virtue; which they most certainly are not.
In fact, the true descendants of the 12 Hebrew Tribes of Israel are the descendants of white Europeans and the descendants of white Europeans who migrated to America and other parts of the world from Europe. This was well known historical fact until about 90 years ago when this knowledge was actively suppressed and hidden from common knowledge and removed from history books by the people who control all the world’s major media companies today, namely the Jews, who had a clear motive for suppressing this information from the rest of the world so that they could claim that they were God’s Chosen people, when in fact they are not that at all - either genetically or spiritually. The exiles from the 10 tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel in Assyria and the 2 tribes of the southern kingdom of Judah in Babylon, with the exception of 40,000 returning exiles from Babylon under Ezra and Nehemiah, after their periods of exile ended, migrated in three massive human migrations northwest through the Caucasus Mountain range and into Europe where they reappeared as Jutes (tribe of Judah), Danes (tribe of Dan), Angles and Saxons (sons of Isaac), Franks, Normans and Scandinavians. Collectively, this people group became known as Caucasians ever since, by virtue of their shared passage through the Caucasus Mountain range in their migration into Europe.
What is the Real History of the Jewish People in Contrast to the Fraudulent Narrative?
The history of the Jewish people is principally a European one and one that is not at all favorable or complementary to their people group. As mentioned before, Ashkenazi Jews consistently refused to assimilate into their host countries’ cultures, but lived apart in often rather squalid ghettos of their own creation. Brian Alois Cleraubat, in his book “A Greater “Miracle” Than the Ten Lost Tribes Discovered… The Lost “Six Million” Dead Uncovered…!” catalogs in Exhibit O of his book 9 ½ pages of entries of dates and principalities from which the Jews were expelled for immoral, seditious and criminal behaviors and acts over the past 2,000 years which were defiling and corrupting the cultures of their host principalities or countries. This is the hard truth. The narrative (lie) is that this people group was merely an innocent victim of racial prejudice and unjustified persecution wherever they went. Nothing could be further from the truth. From a study of the Jewish worldview, it is easy to see why they made themselves unwelcome guests in their host cultures. Yet they consistently failed to be accountable for their own immoral, unethical and illegal acts. Instead, they played the victim role to try to evoke sympathy and pity: a classic tactic of sociopaths when confronted with their harmful actions against others.
Jewish Illuminati and Freemasons were behind the development of the Communist Manifesto, authored by Karl Marx, and the allegedly spontaneous but failed revolts in the major capitals of Europe in 1848 and they were the instigators through the Rosicrucians of the mob rule of the French Revolution. Jewish investment bankers funded Jews V.I. Lenin and Trotsky in 1917 to overthrow the Mensheviks in Russia and under a Bolshevik leadership group composed 90% of Jews under Lenin and Stalin 60 million white Russian non-Jews were murdered or starved to death to consolidate Communist power in the Soviet Union. Similarly, Jewish Communist advisors to Mao Tse-Tung in China were instrumental in the extermination of 70 million Chinese intellectuals and other potential opponents to the new Chinese Communist regime that Jewish interests in America were instrumental in putting into power. Under David Ben-Gurion, Israeli terrorist and army units committed genocide and ethnic cleansing inside the boundaries of the new state of Israel in 1948, which resulted in 800,000 Palestinian deaths or refugees at a time when the state of Israel was never materially threatened, in spite of endless claims to the contrary that they were threatened with instant annihilation from a much superior Arab force. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The Holocaust is one of the biggest frauds perpetrated by the Jews on mankind in world history. The Zionist Jews claimed that 6 million Jews were gassed in the gas chambers of Nazi concentration camps or mobile gassing units during WWII. In reality somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000 Jews died in the camps of typhus, other diseases and natural causes and no evidence exists of any concerted effort to exterminate the Jews by the Germans during WWII. There was a plan to deport them outside of the Third Reich because of their well-known pattern of sedition, immorality and criminality in Germany prior to the rise of the Nazis and Hitler; but never a plan or program to exterminate Jews. Thus all the Holocaust memorials are a complete fraud and lie that brings in billions of dollars of reparations payments to Jewish interests and maintains the false narrative of victimhood and unjustified persecution behind which the seditious Jews hide and use to justify further crimes against humanity and to avoid any accountability for the mass murder of 60 million non-Jewish Russians – a 10X more hideous fact than even the lie of 6 million Jews being gassed to death by the Germans – which never happened! To add insult to injury, several million former German soldiers died of starvation and exposure in Allied camps run under the command of Allied Supreme Commander General Dwight Eisenhower who hated the Germans and was a half-Jew. The Nuremberg trials were a complete sham and the executions of German military leaders for their alleged roles in the Holocaust appear to have been orchestrated to reinforce the false narrative which was being created right after the war ended. Moral to the story: to the victor of war go all the spoils, including the narrative of what happened.
9-11 was an inside job planned by Jewish elites in America and executed by the Israeli Mossad using Arab agents to make it look like a Muslim attack against America to draw us into an unending war on terror that would usher in the American police state, eclipse American liberties and freedoms and commit America to incur massive levels of debt, supplied by the Jewish controlled and owned Federal Reserve System.
Today, the neo-con Jews in America and the Zionist leaders of Israel are once again using the lie of the Holocaust to foment and incite the start of World War III pitting white Christian Americans against Arab Muslims in hopes that they will mutually exterminate one another and the Jews will pick up the pieces when the death and carnage is complete. The reaction of the entire world to this massive fraud and crimes against humanity ought to be swift and decisive: Israel ought to be isolated in the world as the rogue terrorist state it truly has proven itself repeatedly to be.
These are the verifiable facts of the role of the Jewish people in the world over the last 2,000 years. It is a shockingly deplorable history which has been effectively silenced by a Jewish mafia and thought police that viciously crushes and demonizes anyone who reveals the truth.
We can keep on living in a world of delusion and lies, or we can finally wake up and face the truth head on and deal with all the ramifications and consequences of the ugly truth and consistently criminal and immoral behaviors of the unjustifiably arrogant Jewish people. Any individual who identifies himself as a Jew and does not speak out and expose the hideous crimes his fellow Jews have committed and continue to commit today is a willing accomplice to such crimes against humanity and must not be left off the hook either. Any such Jew knows the teachings of his worldview. This must be exposed to the clear light of day. The behaviors and thinking which emanate from this arrogant and despicable worldview are imminently predictable and clear and we have witnessed them time and time again and don’t seem to know how to oppose it. Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.
Such a pattern of criminality demonstrates that this people group collectively suffers from a severe character disorder: as a group they exhibit the behaviors of sociopaths: people who have no conscience and feel no remorse for harming others. Such people need to be locked away to protect the rest of the world from their hideous and brutal crimes. For Mr. Eisen to claim that Jewish people have demonstrated unparalleled nobility, ingenuity, creativity and drive to achieve their disproportionate wealth and power is a form of denial and delusion. Most Jewish elites gained their wealth and power through crooked, unethical and/or criminal means. Studies show that the average IQ of Jews is lower than the average IQ of white Europeans, thereby debunking the myth that Jews are intellectually superior to all other people groups. The facts don’t support their claim. The only other viable explanation is that they consistently gain an unfair advantage over non-Jews through deception, trickery and coercion and when confronted, accept no blame but turn on anyone who exposes them and reveals the truth and demonizes and ridicules them in a form of psychological abuse and terrorism. You don’t compromise with terrorists. You contain them or kill them before they kill you.
The Reality of Jewish Power
It is no secret that the 2% of the American population that is Jewish owns and controls vast and disproportionate wealth and power and entire industries including banking, media, film, publishing, pharmaceuticals and military-security industries. Through the Council on Foreign Relations, they run the American political process, system and government. Through the Federal Reserve, they own America and its money supply. He who controls a country’s money supply and its debt owns that country. Thus Jewish banking interests own America today and force it to be a vassal state to the rogue terrorist state of Israel. This is the hard reality. We have all been so indoctrinated by our schools and brain washed and programmed by the media they control that most Americans have no clue what is true and what is false nor any clue of what is right or what is wrong anymore. That makes most Americans very easy to manipulate and control to do just about anything. Are you one of them?
Make no mistake about it: Jewish interests are anything but benevolent. Wake up America! You’ve been had! You’ve been lured to sleep by cunning and deceit. Now it’s time to pay the piper. The price of a lack of vigilance and wisdom is tyranny and slavery. We’re there. Because we allowed it.


  1. I don't see any compelling reason for you to post this ragtag compendium of half-truths, distortions and various and sundry unsubstantiated allegations and assertions. Certainly, it is not as coherent or well-argued as your essay on "Jewish Power".

  2. No compelling reason, but why not?

    I don't like the tone and I suspect some of what you say is true but too many truthful things about this subject are rejected for the reasons you give.

  3. Why don't you write a piece refuting what the other 'Anonymous' has to say (Isn't it funny how you've both got the same name?)

  4. "Jesus sits in hell today in a boiling vat of human excrement and semen"

    This is wisdom? Its more like giggly schoolboy talk. Do they really say something as infantile as this and have it accepted as some kind of wisdom?