Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Thursday, 5 March 2015

פורים שמח

It's Purim time again so allow me to repost this from 2014 and wish you all a פורים שמח

A Shadow over Europe

This BBC programme is from the excellent British revisionist website: What Really 

It's by Charles Wheeler and is about the post-war brutal expulsion of ethnic Germans Czechoslovakia. On the website they think this is pretty much the only mainstream programme available on this or on any of the other post-war atrocities visited on Germans.

Gilad on BBC North-West

Gilad comes on at about 0930

Farrakhan: The intensifying universal cry for justice

Yesterday's clip  Farrakhan on Netanyahu in America was very well received so today I'm posting the entire address from which the clip was taken.

Louis Farrakhan is above all, a religious leader, a passionate muslim and here particularly, he speaks as such. Some secular readers may be put off by this but I say, don't be. What Minister Farrakhan calls God, you may call truth, justice, history and inevitability.

Minister Farrakhan begins his address at around 40 minutes